Keeping your home safe and secure is important. Making sure the exterior lighting of your home is lit in all of the areas is not only for making your home look beautiful but more safe as well. Your porch light and other lit areas of your home tells neighbors that you are there and want to stay aware of what is going on outside of your home. Along with being aware of your home’s surroundings there are other reasons your porch light should stay on at night.

Keep the Burglars Away

Every year homes are burglarized because burglars think no one is home. A lot of the reason these burglaries happen is because of the porch light being off at night. Once burglars target a home that doesn’t have a porch light on, the home will most likely be burglarized, leaving homeowners in despair. Exterior lighting is also a good way to know who is walking on your property by looking out of the window or peephole.

Leave the Light On When Coming Home Late

If you have a late night work schedule or late night event you are coming home from, keeping your porch light on is a way to feel safe when entering your home. The porch light is a gateway to safety that will lead you to your home to unlock your door safely. If you are expecting a package to be delivered, having a well lit exterior is also a good way for the delivery driver to find your home.

Show Your Landscaping

A well lit home will show off your landscaping and the beauty of it. Those who pass by at night will be able to admire the charm and elegance of your home as it speaks to the neighborhood. The porch light will embrace everyone whether passing by or visiting. 

Whether you keep your porch light on to keep the burglars away or you keep it on to show the beauty of your home, your porch light is an important part of your home that should always be functioning and you should always be aware of what is going on around it. If there are wiring issues that are preventing your porch light from working properly, calling a professional to check it out will have you on your way to better protecting your home more safely.