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Outdoor Lighting

Bring Your Home To Life With Outdoor Lighting Installation In Apex, NC

Transform your outdoor areas into vibrant, secure spaces with AstroWatt Electric, based right here in Apex, NC. Specializing in deck and patio lighting, we help you extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living space long after sunset. Whether you’re hosting a quiet dinner or a lively gathering, our professional lighting installation sets the perfect mood.

Need repair or replacement for your existing outdoor lights? We'll happily take care of that as well! 

Get the most out of your outdoor spaces with expertly designed and installed lighting solutions by calling 984-204-7648 today, or contacting AstroWatt online

Exterior Lighiting Installation

Craft the Ideal Entertaining Space

Brighten up your home gatherings with customized lighting solutions that bring out the best in your outdoor features. We offer a wide range of lighting types to suit every part of your outdoor space:

  • Path Lighting: Ideal for lighting walkways, garden paths, and patio edges. Our path lights add a gentle, welcoming glow that highlights the elegance of your patio’s stonework, guiding guests with light as they move through your outdoor spaces.
  • Uplighting: Perfect for accentuating the architectural features of your home or the natural beauty of your garden. Uplighting creates dramatic effects by illuminating trees, walls, and other vertical structures from below, enhancing the visual appeal of your foliage and façade.
  • Deck Post Lights: These are mounted on the posts of your deck to provide a warm, surrounding light that makes your deck welcoming. Suitable for wood, vinyl, or brick, these lights contribute to a safe and stylish environment.
  • Sconce Lighting: Mounted on exterior walls, sconce lighting adds layers of light to your deck or patio, providing both functional and ambient lighting. They are especially effective in creating an intimate atmosphere for dining and socializing.
  • Recessed Ceiling Lighting: Incorporated into the ceiling of a covered deck or patio, these lights offer a sleek look that doesn't intrude into the space. They provide excellent ambient lighting, perfect for evenings spent outdoors.
  • String Lights: Nothing sets the mood quite like string lights. Drape them across spaces or wrap them around railings to add a festive or romantic glow to any evening gathering.

Imagine your deck as the ultimate hangout spot, where every evening is an opportunity to create lasting memories. With these lighting options, your outdoor area becomes not just a place to sit, but a captivating scene for hosting friends and family.

Enhanced Security with Advanced Lighting Solutions

Boost your home’s security with our high-performance security lighting options. Installing the correct fixtures in strategic locations not only deters intruders but also prevents disturbances from wildlife. We're happy to help you select the best types of lighting based on your property's layout and your specific concerns. Here's a look at what we offer: 

  • Spotlights: Cast a bright, focused light on vulnerable areas of your property, such as entryways and dark corners, making it difficult for unwanted visitors to approach unnoticed.

  • Floodlights: Provide broad illumination, covering large areas with high-intensity light, ideal for open spaces like driveways and backyards.

  • Motion Sensor Lights: Automatically activate when movement is detected, offering an efficient security solution that saves energy while keeping your home perimeter secure. Perfect for pathways, side yards, and garage areas.

  • LED Floodlights: These are not only energy-efficient but also provide a consistent, powerful light that enhances visibility and security throughout the night.

  • Wall-Mounted Security Lights: Attach these to the exterior of your home to illuminate entry points and deter potential intruders with their persistent glow.

With your savings and environmental protection in mind, we focus on energy-efficient solutions, such as LED lighting. That way, your property is well-lit without running up your energy bill. With the addition of motion sensors, you gain an automated layer of protection that activates lighting when it’s most needed, helping you rest easy even during the darkest hours.

Illuminate Your World with AstroWatt Electric

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor spaces with beautiful, functional lighting? Reach out to AstroWatt Electric to bring your lighting vision to life, or to help you design outdoor lighting that takes into consideration how you prefer to use your space. We're ready to assist you in making your indoor and outdoor areas as welcoming and safe as possible.

With our 100% satisfaction guarantees and 5-year warranties on everything we install, you'll be glad you chose AstroWatt, and we'll be glad to serve you. 

Contact us today at 984-204-7648 or use our online form to start your journey toward a brighter outdoor environment!

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