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Professional Outlet Installation In Apex, NC

Are you always reaching for an extra extension cord or power strip only to find no spare spaces to plug in your charger, appliances, or lamps? Sounds like a job for AstroWatt! Rather than overloading your existing circuits and causing damage to your system with too many plugs, it’s best to install new outlets and switches to suit your needs.

Our team can add outlets and switches just about anywhere in your home that you need power, so you can plug in all of your necessary devices worry-free! When you get outlet installation in Apex, NC, from us, you’ll experience top-quality electrical service from courteous and experienced licensed electricians, all at affordable prices. 

Give us a call at 984-204-7648 or contact us online if it's time for more outlets in your home. 

Outlet And Lighting Installation

Outlet Repairs

While your outlets and switches may not be the most noticeable electrical parts of your home, many homeowners do not realize how much power they have or how hazardous outlets and switches can be. Since you use power every day for all of your lights, HVAC systems, and appliances, if outlets and switches are not properly maintained, it can be dangerous. If your outlet or light switch malfunctions or dies, there could be a much larger electrical issue. Not to mention, repairing an outlet is a complex process requiring significant training and expertise.

With one phone call to AstroWatt Electric, our professionals in outlet installation in Apex, NC, will figure out the issue requiring outlet repairs and have your electrical system up and running at full capacity in no time.

Safety Tips For Broken Switches And Outlets

Handling electrical switches and outlets can be risky if they're not functioning properly. Here are some practical tips to ensure safety if you encounter any issues with your home's electrical components:

  • Inspect Regularly: Keep an eye on your switches and outlets. If you notice any unusual signs such as discoloration, a burnt smell, or warmth to the touch, these could indicate potential hazards.

  • Avoid Overloading: Plugging too many devices into one outlet can lead to overheating and electrical fires. Use power strips cautiously and consider the load each outlet can safely handle.

  • Immediate Action on Sparks: If an outlet or switch sparks when used, turn off the circuit breaker immediately and avoid using the affected outlet or switch until it has been checked by a professional.

  • Use Proper Wattage: Ensure that the bulbs in your lamps and fixtures match the recommended wattage. This prevents excessive heat build-up that can damage your electrical system.

  • Keep Water Away: Keep all electrical appliances and cords away from water. This reduces the risk of electric shock or electrocution, especially in areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Childproofing: If you have young children, make sure to use safety covers on all unused outlets. This simple step can prevent curious kids from inserting objects into sockets.

  • Professional Repairs: Attempting DIY repairs on faulty wiring or switches can be dangerous. If you’re unsure about the safety of your electrical systems, it’s best to contact a professional. At AstroWatt Electric, our certified technicians are here to help you with any electrical repairs or upgrades, ensuring your home remains safe and your systems run smoothly.

By following these safety tips, you can help prevent accidents and keep your home’s electrical system in good working order. Remember, taking precautionary measures today can help avoid potential issues tomorrow.

Why Are Your Switches Or Outlets Heating Up?

 If you notice your switches or outlets heating up, it’s a sign that something may be wrong with your electrical system. If you notice hot outlets, these are a few reasons that may be causing the issue:

  • Overloaded Circuits:
    When your outlets are struggling to power all of the plugged-in appliances, the circuit may become overworked or hot to the touch.
  • Loose or Damaged Wiring:
    If there is a buildup of heat or sparks when plugging up appliances, then this is a sign that you need a new outlet.
  • Dim Switches:
    When switches are getting ready to burn out, they burn hotter than normal. There are manufacturer guidelines on acceptable temperatures. If you notice or suspect that the heat exceeds this temperature, call us for outlet installation in Apex, NC, as soon as possible.

Call AstroWatt For Prompt, Professional Outlet Additions in the Apex Area 

With 100% customer satisfaction guarantees and lifetime warranties on all our service, it's no wonder that AstroWatt has become the top-recommended electrician in the Triangle! Let us handle your new outlet additions and outlet repairs. You'll be glad you called AstroWatt for stellar service! 

Call 984-204-7648 or contact us online today. 

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