The four types of electric meters include electronic, digital, analog, and smart dial meters. This will guide you on how to read these various electric meters to not only ensure you are paying the local electricians right amount but also to make sure if something is not working so you can contact a local electricians immediately.

How to Read an Electronic Electric Meter

To read the meter, first press the SELECT button located on the top right of the device. Click on the button until it reaches register 03 on the left side of the display?screen. After that, basically, take note of kilowatt-hours. This reading can be?compared with the figure you receive on the bill.

How to Read a Digital Electric Meter

One will not need electrical help to read this meter and calculate electricity that has been used for some time. Typically, on the screen, you will see a series of eights, which means the meter is about to reset and show you the current kilowatt usage. To calculate the electric usage, a Apex electrician or homeowner in Nevada needs only to use three readings: the initial reading and two 24-hour readings taken after each day.

>By deducting the initial reading from the final reading and dividing the answer by two, a Apex electrician, for example, is able to calculate the average amount of kilowatts used per day.

How to Read a Smart Dial Electric Meter

Being one of the hardest to read, homeowners may tend to need electrical help or contact their local electrician to read the meter. The modes it contains include:

How to Read an Analog/Traditional Electric Meter

Firstly, one must read all the dials from right to left, and write the numbers down from right to left. Please note that if the hand on the dial is in between numbers, read the smaller number. The same formula for calculating the electric usage of the digital electric meter can be used here.

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