Wondering how much does it cost to hook up a hot tub from an electrical standpoint?

Did you just order a hot tub? Are you thinking about ordering a hot tub? Either way, the next question is usually “What do I need to do to hook the hot tub up once it arrives?”

For a step-by-step process, you can read our blog HERE. In the article, we also share with you why it’s illegal to install a hot tub without pulling a permit.

Once you’ve made the decision to order a hot tub, now you need to know how much it costs to hook it up.

The answer, as you probably guessed, “it depends”. Continue reading to learn about the factors and the cost.

Hot Tub in Raleigh

What are the determining factors?

There are several determining factors when it comes to pricing the installation of your EV charger:

How much does it cost to hook up a hot tub?

After you factor in all of the above items, our hot tub installations range from $1,900 to $4,800. These prices are all determined by your home and your preference.

After installing dozens of hot tubs in 2022, our average price is: $2,895.

Ready to get your hot tub installed?

Give us a call today at 984-600-0100 or fill out our form here. We’ll have a Service Technician out to your home within the next few days. All our work comes with a lifetime warranty on all labor. We also provide a 5-year warranty on all parts & material we use.

Note. You will need to pull a permit with your local municipality. This will allow them to approve the location of the hot tub. Once the location is approved, we can provide an estimate for the electrical work.