Can you believe we are three months into 2024? It feels like the year is flying by! We hope your previous months were filled with light and warmth, surrounded by those who cherish you. Speaking of care, AstroWatt Electric is here to extend that sentiment to the safety of your home and family.

At AstroWatt Electric, we understand the importance of a secure and hazard-free living environment. That’s why we’ve decided to debunk some common electrical myths that could cause risks or confusion.

Myth 1: Generators Create Electricity

It’s a widespread belief that generators generate electricity. However, the truth is that generators don’t create electricity. They convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This conversion process involves utilizing fuel sources like natural gas, gasoline, or propane to power the generator and produce electricity.

Myth 2: Extension Cords Are a Forever Solution

Extension cords are undoubtedly convenient for temporary use. However, using them as a permanent solution can be risky. These cords are not designed for long-term usage and can overheat, potentially leading to electrical fires. Instead of relying on extension cords long-term, it’s safer to install additional outlets where needed.

Myth 3: Rubber or Wood Protects You from Electric Shocks

While rubber and wood are known insulators, they won’t provide complete protection against electric shocks. These materials can prevent direct contact with live wires but won’t shield you from shocks if they are of high voltage. It’s essential to be cautious around electrical systems and seek professional help when needed rather than relying solely on makeshift insulators.

Myth 4: Appliances Turned Off = No Electricity Consumption

Some people assume that turning off appliances eliminates their electricity consumption entirely. However, some devices continue to draw power even when switched off, a circumstance known as “phantom” energy usage. Devices with standby features or clocks/indicator lights are typically the culprits. To minimize wasted energy, consider unplugging appliances when not in use.

Myth 5: Only Old Wiring Can Go Bad

Contrary to popular belief, even new wiring can deteriorate and cause risks if not installed or maintained properly. Factors such as overloading circuits or damage from external things like pets or rodents can lead to faults in new wiring. Regular inspections and maintenance can help ensure the integrity of your electrical system, regardless of its age.

Myth 6: Electrical Panels Over 40 Years Old Require Replacement*

Aging electrical panels may cause you to consider upgrading, but there’s no universal rule stating that panels over 40 years old must be replaced. The decision to upgrade should be based on factors like the panel’s condition, capacity, and code compliance. It’s advisable to consult a qualified electrician for an assessment to determine the necessity of an upgrade.

*There are some exceptions to this myth. Panels that are made by manufacturers such as Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Stab-Lok, or fuse panels, are known to be hazardous and should be replaced promptly regardless of their age. If you had an electrical emergency relating to one of those, your insurance company may not provide any assistance!

Professional Electrical Panel Replacement in Apex, NC

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