Electrical Services for Small Businesses in Raleigh, NC

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Alternate Current Solutions will meet your electrical needs in your workspace and your employees will feel more productive with a reliable electric source.

Alternate Current Solutions offers retail and commercial build-outs for any new retail, office, or restaurant. Our electric professional will meet with you to get an idea of the design of your building and to install other electrical components, such as ceiling fans, outlets, and switches. We will leave you satisfied from the pride and care we put into our work. Call today for one of our professionals to come out and get started on your electrical work.

ACS worker in red gloves performing breaker box work

When running a small business, there’s nothing more important than having quality electrical services. Responsible for keeping your facility running and ensuring that production stays on point, you don’t want to ignore the benefits of a small business electrician company. For businesses in the heart of North Carolina, the company you need is none other than AstroWatt Electric.

Our electrical services for small businesses in Raleigh, NC, provide anything from office electrical services to small business electrical replacements, repair, maintenance, and more! We’ll service anything from circuit breakers to outlets and wiring and ensure that your business is secure with safety inspections for your electrical fixtures. 

Contact us today and get your business evaluated for electrical upgrades. Our team is ready and available for all your electrical needs, so don’t hesitate to turn to the region’s best small business electrician company.

Small Business Electrical Repair

Electrical issues demand immediate attention, especially for an organization looking to maximize daily productivity. As a business, we know just how important and troubling electrical problems can be, and we also know that our team is the one you need for small business electrical repair. If you’re having difficulty with your electrical wiring or circuit breaker, we can fix these issues and a host of others with the expertise our electricians possess. There’s no other company you’ll need for electrical services for small businesses in Raleigh, NC, so contact us today.

Small Business Electrical Maintenance

Why repair electrical problems when you can prevent them in the first place? We help you avoid danger with our small business electrical maintenance services. Our safety inspections evaluate your entire electrical system to ensure you have enough power for your facility and that no significant issues are developing within your system. By making sure things are in working order, you’ll maximize your electrical production and keep things running smoothly for years to come. Reach out for our electrical services for small businesses in Raleigh, NC.

Small Business Electrical Installations

With small business electrical installations and replacements, AstroWatt Electric is your solution for new and improved electrical systems. We’ll provide your facility with tons of electricity to handle additional improvements to your building, new machinery, or an increased workforce. Reach out to us for wiring upgrades, circuit panel installation/repair, outlet repair/installation, and much more. Give our team of installers a call today and discover what makes us the region’s premier provider of electrician services for small businesses.

Types of Small Businesses We Serve

Is your business eligible for our electrical services for small businesses in Raleigh, NC? Fortunately, we provide our electrical services to all types of companies in the area. So whether you’re leading a small law firm or need office electrical services, we can keep your company running for years to come. Check out the type of small businesses we serve, find yours, and give us a call today!

  • Food Services (Restaurants, Cafés, etc.)
  • Medical Offices
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Warehouses & Light Industrial
  • Retail Shops
  • Business Offices
  • And So Much More!

Turn to AstroWatt Electric to Power Your Small Business

Quality electrician services for small businesses shouldn’t be difficult to find. At  AstroWatt Electric, you can get the best service to power your small business throughout your long days or nights. With fast service for various companies, there’s no need to turn to any other provider. Contact us if you need electrical services for small businesses in Raleigh, NC, and take your business to new heights today!

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New Lighting

AstroWatt Electrical offers new lighting services across the region. We specialize in providing our clients with energy-efficient lighting solutions that provide maximum illumination at minimal operating costs. If you’re looking for high-quality new lighting, look no further than our team!

ACS worker with brown and black gloves work on wiring

New Outlets

Old and outdated outlets can be a significant hazard. Installing new electrical outlets is a great way to increase safety, but it requires knowledge of wiring and electrical codes. Astrowatt Electric provides new outlet installations throughout our service area.

ACS worker in white gloves performing breaker work

New Panels and Circuits

Installing new panels and circuits for an electrical system can be a complicated process and should only be done by an experienced electrician. AstroWatt Electrical also specializes in circuit breaker and panel installations.


Diagnostic testing of electrical systems is an essential step to ensure that all components are functioning correctly. This can include testing wiring, switches, outlets, and breakers to make sure they are safe and working properly. AstroWatt Electrical is a premier provider of diagnostic testing for many types of electrical systems.