Who are the Best Electricians in Raleigh, North Carolina? (Reviews / Ratings)

Each year, we at AstroWatt Electric serve 1000’s of homes in the Great Raleigh area (i.e. Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs). However, we can’t serve everyone. We know there are tens of thousands of homeowners who also need an electrician they can trust. So, who are the best electricians in Raleigh? As you […]

Do I Need a Whole Home Surge Protector in North Carolina?

A whole home surge protector will protect all of your home’s appliances, electronics and lights from a power surge. Our professional recommendation is to have a whole home surge protector installed on your home. The peace of mind that it will deliver is second-to-none. We go to many client’s homes who recently had a surge […]

How Much Does it Cost to Hook Up a Hot Tub in Raleigh?

Wondering how much does it cost to hook up a hot tub from an electrical standpoint? Did you just order a hot tub? Are you thinking about ordering a hot tub? Either way, the next question is usually “What do I need to do to hook the hot tub up once it arrives?” For a […]

How Much Does it Cost to Install an EV Charger in Raleigh?

Wondering how much does it cost to install an EV charger? Did you just purchase an electric vehicle? Are you thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle? Either way, the next question is usually “How do I charge this?” For all of your charging options, you can read our blog HERE about the different options. Once […]

The Most Popular Electrical Upgrades

Not only do our skilled electricians fix a lot of electrical issues, they also help homeowners make upgrades to their home’s electrical system. Outside of the standard items that we see daily such as EV chargers, lighting and new circuits, we also see a lot of items that you might not be thinking about. Here […]

How to Hook Up a Portable Generator

Living in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, it’s inevitable that you’ll need a portable generator. We will lose power throughout the year. The main culprits are hurricanes, ice storms and summer storms. The day after any of these storms hit our area, we are flooded with calls for generator solutions. If you aren’t looking […]

The Best Light Stores in the Triangle

Thinking about purchasing new light fixtures? Wondering what light stores are the best options? Our team of electricians are busy installing light fixtures every day throughout the Triangle. Here is a list of our favorite light stores for you shop at: Lights Unlimited With locations in Fuquay-Varina, Garner and Wake Forest, there is a great […]

Can I Charge My Electric Vehicle Outside?

What do I need to do to charge my electric vehicle outside? We receive this question quite often. This guide will help you determine what you need to do so you can charge your EV outside. On average, we install 15-20 EV chargers each week and many are outside. Many of the new EV trucks […]

Explaining The Electrical Portion of Your Home’s Inspection Report

You are under contract for a home in Raleigh and had the home inspected. Now, you receive your inspection report and are immediately frightened. In this article, we will review and explain the most common electrical items we see on a home’s inspection report. As a licensed electrician in Apex, we are here to help! […]

How to Run Power to a Shed in Apex

Thinking of running power to a shed? With very few basements in the Triangle area and new residents moving here every day, we see a lot of new sheds being installed. As a licensed electrician in Apex, we run power to sheds every week. So, what are the steps you need to take? Check to […]