The Effect Of the Seasons On Electrical Wires

The cold winter months bring many changes to homes and businesses. Some of these changes often involve the electrical needs of each home and business to keep them functioning for safety and protection. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, the electrical wiring in your home or business is affected by the weather. Your Electrical Wiring […]

What Should I Expect From My Home Inspection?

Homeownership can be very rewarding, but making sure that your home is properly functioning is a responsibility that will bring you and your family peace of mind. The exterior and interior of your home should be inspected thoroughly regularly. Inspections are a good way to get to know your home and to make sure you […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

The safety of your family is a high priority and making sure that your home stays safe is a must. With burglaries and other unfortunate events being a problem for many homeowners, keeping your home safe will lessen the chance of horrible incidents happening. To eliminate the chance of your home being burglarized or the […]

Should You Keep Your Porch Light On At Night?

Keeping your home safe and secure is important. Making sure the exterior lighting of your home is lit in all of the areas is not only for making your home look beautiful but more safe as well. Your porch light and other lit areas of your home tells neighbors that you are there and want […]

GFCI Common Questions Answered by Our Holly Springs Electrical Contractor

Let’s Address Some Frequently Asked Questions About GFCI Outlets Electrical systems can seem daunting and difficult, especially when you’re on your own. Fortunately, they don’t have to be this way. Your endless search for “electricians near me” is over. Trust our Holly Springs electrical contractor to give you the knowledge and tools you need to […]

Local Electrician in Apex Shares 6 Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Gray house at night

If you spend a lot of time in your backyard, then it is important for you to make sure that you have proper lighting for both security and visibility. Lighting placed all around your home would not be a bad idea as well for those reason, but could also improve your curb appeal for those […]

Electrical Remodeling Services Done Right The First Time

Electrician looking at breakers

Most people will not hire an electrician for remodeling unless there is a problem. However, there are many benefits that you can reap from getting the electrical system in your home remodeled and even upgraded. Our trusted, local home remodeling electrician can improve your home for the better. Safety? Old wiring is a safety issue. […]

Learn How to Read Your Electric Meter from Our Apex Electrician

ACS electrician reading breakers

The four types of electric meters include electronic, digital, analog, and smart dial meters. This will guide you on how to read these various electric meters to not only ensure you are paying the local electricians right amount but also to make sure if something is not working so you can contact a local electricians […]

3 Top Signs You Need Electrical Repair by a Licensed Electrician

ACS worker reading electric box

Electricity is something that most of us take for granted until something goes wrong. However, if you need electrical repair, then you most likely will need to contact a local home electrician as soon as possible. Electrical problems increase the risk of a fire, which every homeowner and business owner wishes to avoid. There are […]